Bring this course to your city! The Foundations of Creed is a low cost essential seminar for all communities, Masajid & MSAs.

Students will cover core elements of the belief of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah using the text written by the great Imam, Abu Jafar al-Tahawi: Aqidah Tahawiyah. In an age of bewildering spiritual and intellectual confusion, creed has never been more important.

Student Testimonials:

“I really appreciated how accessible Shaykh Hamza made the information. I was scared that it would all be so far over my head, but even with the little base I have I was able to follow along in his teaching. I also loved the way he taught, integrating his own life experiences that we could all (well you all at least) relate with. He took each topic and made it light and comprehensible also really appreciate that the class ran on time and it never seemed like we were sitting too long with the scheduled breaks.” – Kelsey

“Our teacher explained the material we covered in great detail. I appreciated that he prioritized the sisters during Q&A. I love how diverse the class is, from young kids to the older generation, non-Muslims and Muslims too. Appreciated that the class started and ended on time.” – Lanee

“My favorite aspects of the class were the easy-to-grasp explanations by including references to popular terminologies and ideas held to be true by the majority of society. I also loved his no nonsense demeanor which made the facts laid out in the text even more inarguable. Overall it was a very basic class that drove home the points without leaving any room for questions regarding the 130 points in the text of Imam Tahawi.” – Noor


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