Why Imam Ghazali Institute?

We believe in the bond
between a student & teacher
that goes back to the Prophet ﷺ

We seek to revive traditional Islamic learning through the Quran and Sunnah of the Messenger ﷺ. It’s a simple as that. Together, we can accomplish this goal. Let’s bring an IGI course to your city today!



Your donation to IGI allows us to provide scholarships to our programs to those in need.


Our Mission

Through adab and ihsan, the Imam Ghazali Institute seeks to revive love and appreciation for the sacred sciences by way of publications, media...


Bring Us To Your City

Bring one of our low cost courses to your city. We love to work with MSAs, Mosques and community organizations.

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Upcoming Events
Advice to Seekers of Knowledge

Shaykh Abul Hassan As-Shadhili was asked:

“Advise me, my beloved.” He said, “Do not move your feet, except to where you hope for Allah’s reward; do not sit, where you believe that you could become overcome, by disobeying Allah; and not align yourself, except to he who increases your certainty. And how few in number they are.”

Host us?

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